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                Wenzhou, Ri Yi Fasteners co.,ltd.


                MAIN:Cold heading, forging, cold extrusion, CNC turning

                • 冷鐓球頭螺栓 彩鋅
                  NAME:冷鐓球頭螺栓 彩鋅
                • 大頭T形螺栓 彩鋅
                  NAME:大頭T形螺栓 彩鋅
                • 彈簧偏心桿 8.8級 白鋅
                  NAME:彈簧偏心桿 8.8級 白鋅
                • Black Plum bolt Dacromet
                  NAME:Black Plum bolt Dacromet
                • Non-standard screws
                  NAME:Non-standard screws
                • Green bronze screws
                  NAME:Green bronze screws
                • Plate engraving machine bolt
                  NAME:Plate engraving machine bolt
                • Anti-theft screws
                  NAME:Anti-theft screws

                ABOUT US

                Wenzhou, Ri Yi Fasteners co.,ltd.
                Wenzhou, a Standard Co., Ltd. in 2008 to create industrial and commercial city in China - Wenzhou. Is a focus on new custom fasteners, strong research and development capabilities of non-standard fasteners manufacturing enterprises. We are equipped with professional backbone team. The introduction of an advanced multi-cold heading equipment, production of fastener products highly generalized, improved production technology, complete supporting products have been used in domestic shipbuilding, railways, electronics, electrical appliances, motors, cars, motorcycles , lighting, construction, household appliances, furniture, aerospace, military and other industries, export products exported to the world. Long-term research and development of a variety of custom cold heading fasteners, red forging fasteners, stampings, instrumentation car parts and other products. Superb production technology to solve problems encountered in the production of non-standard products, but also so that many products with high precision


                CONTACT US
                MAIN:Cold heading, forging, cold extrusion, CNC turning
                Address: 2218 Avenue No. Longwan District of Wenzhou City, champion street Airport
                Sales Consultant: 15257728616 Mr.Yu
                Sales Tel: 0577-85628011
                Sales Fax: 0577-86554870


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                Wenzhou, Ri Yi Fasteners co.,ltd. ADD:2218 Avenue No. Longwan District of Wenzhou City, champion street Airport TEL:15257728616
                  0577-85628011  Yu Wu Hai
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